Mission Outreach

The LHCR Mission Outreach program enables staff and management to share their community spirit throughout the year with generous donations of food and non-food supplies to programs such as the Westlake Food Cupboard, Lorain Cooperative Ministry, 2100 Lakeside Men’s Homeless Shelter, HousingFirst, Luther Memorial School, and disaster relief. Holiday gifts are enthusiastically donated by our employees to low income families brought to our attention by the Westlake Assistance Program.




Janice Snyder

Janice Snyder
Mission Outreach Liaison

I am available to speak to members of Lutheran congregations (by appointment) on Sunday mornings, and weekdays/evenings for church visits, including Temple Talks, educational forums, special events, and small group ministries. I am also working to create “Delegate Force” in order to keep local Lutheran churches up-to-date on the vision of health, healing, hospitality, hope, and happiness we have for our residents. If you have a heart for eldercare, I invite you to join us!

Delegate Job Description:

  • Delegates are appointed to serve by their Lutheran Church & include: all pastors under call and lay members appointed from Lutheran Church membership.
  • Each Lutheran Church is entitled to appoint two lay delegates, in addition to the pastor.
  • Delegates participate in the Lutheran Home at Concord Reserve Annual Meeting
  • Delegates serve as Ambassadors for the Lutheran Home at Concord Reserve, keeping their church membership regularly informed of LHCR activities & promote programs, events, volunteer needs and other communications within the congregation.
  • Delegates help plan and implement Lutheran Home emphasis events in their congregation, by welcoming the Mission Outreach Liaison or other representative at worship for a Temple Talk, an educational forum, or other promotional activity to increase the congregation member’s awareness & partnership with LHCR in social ministry.
  • Delegates gather on the LHCR campus several times a year for Wine & Cheese fellowship events.
If you are interested in serving as a Lutheran Church Delegate, please contact Janice Snyder at 440-847-1031or at jsnyder@concordreserve.org.