Main Street

Living Room

The living room on Main Street offers a cozy fireplace, comfortable surroundings and a place to gather with family and friends.


The chapel hosts Lutheran and non-denominational services in addition to a variety of special events.


The Main Street waterfall provides a beautiful backdrop in addition to a relaxing ambiance.

Garden Railway

Our Garden Railway has an indoor and outdoor track near the duck pond and Field House Café. The two villages outside are connected by an eighty-foot truss.

Field House Cafe

The café is a place for residents, staff, families and the public to gather for food and great conversation.

Concord Theater

The Concord Theater offers seating up to 30 for viewing Monday Night Movies, Saturday Matinées, and sporting events.


The library offers books, current magazines, and two computers with Internet access for resident and family use.


This stunning 1100 gallon aquarium is home to cichlids, catfish, and other exotic fresh water fish from Africa and South America.

Cultural Arts Center

The Cultural Arts Room is a gathering place for Coffee Talks, German Club, ceramics, family events, and so much more!

Wellness Center

This office is home to our Director of Nursing and the Assistant Director of Nursing. An Optometrist visits monthly to care for our residents. A licensed massage therapist is on campus every Tuesday. To schedule a massage appointment call 440-871-0090 ext. 2191 for rates and appointment times.


Salon PS is a high quality full-service salon for women and men.


Our aviaries house over 20 different species and include finches, canaries and morning doves.